Mafidan Xíf Ryahh

I am a Strong Jack who Wields Power With Precision


Mafi is a fairly old jack, but from his complexion you’d never be able to tell. Decades of medical procedures to keep his body youthful has apparently done its job – his age is a secret known only to him.

He hides an averagely muscular, shorter-than-average body kept in peak form partly by medical science and partly by semi-regular training under a large cape, so as to create the illusion of a much smaller man.

The dreadlocks that sprawl down his back shimmer with a synthetic interlace, as if his hair had also been modified by science, to prevent it from growing any further, and also maintaining its own cleanliness.

His face, adorned with a semi-synthetic goatee, bears no wrinkles, scars, or any sign of his past, which helps to keep him a largely unrecognisable entity in a crowd.


  • Might: 17 (Edge: 0)
  • Speed: 14 (Edge: 1)
  • Intellect: 18 (Edge: 1)
  • Effort: 1
  • XP: 2


  • Trained in breaking inanimate objects
  • Trained in jumping
  • Specialised in persuasion (intimidation/seduction)


  • Practised with Light and Medium weapons
  • Speed Defense
  • Trained without armour
  • Flex Skill

Cyphers (2 max)

  • Level 7 Sound Dampner (Belt buckle)
  • Level 4 Satellite Topograph (Headband)

Ananth is immune to any esoteries.


  • Battleaxe (Medium)
  • Warhammer (Medium)
  • Forearm blades (Light)
  • Bow (Medium) [10 Arrows]
  • Shield
  • Clothing
  • Explorer’s Pack
    – Rope (15m) – Rations (3 days) – Spikes (3)
    – Hammer – Warm clothes – Sturdy boots
    – Torches (3) – Minor glowglobes (2)
  • Pack of Light Tools
    – Small tongs – Pliers – Screwdriver
    – Hammer – Pry bar – Lockpick kit
    – String (3m) – Wire (1m) – Screws & nails
  • Desert survival pack
    - Large water bladder - Blankets - Tent
    - Rations - Goggles - Facemasks
  • Book on the Numenera


  • A bottle of 17 pills that induce vivid dreams of favourite memories (sleeping)
  • A box containing 12 very strong pea-sized spherical magnets

Shins: 6


Mafi originates from the village of Keford, bordering the forest, where he grew up with a highly academic family that pushed him to achieve well at school, a burden with which he was happily complicit. Despite his obvious talent, he suffered years of bullying, and after passing exams with flying colours, he went off to the mountains to continue an academic career in robotics in the city of Hidden Naresh..

For many years, his work progressed steadily with no exceptional achievements, until he was one day confronted by a member of the local criminal underworld. In an unsuccessful attempt to fend off his aggressor, he found himself in the servitude of criminal mastermind, who forced Mafi to use his intellect to create technologies to help the underworld, but also forced him to fight for his life in cage matches against man and beast for the amusement of the criminal lords.

After a decade, Mafi had enough combat training and scavenged mechanical and electronic resources to perform a reasonable escape attempt unharmed, and fled to the plains to find work and refuge in the city of Shallamas, where he spent decades building, testing and perfecting a range of technologies designed to meld man and machine, primarily to augment himself and wield him enough strength and power to eventually bring down the entire criminal underworld.

His creations were often sought out by the city’s military, and they always paid handsomely, only for him to spend most of the money extending the life of his aging body – just long enough so he could eventually escape his mortal body for something far less prone to damage, and aging.

After finally getting a working prototype of a cyborg, using the pro-transhumanist Ananth as a base, Mafi sought to test his creation and see it in action, as the desire to become a metalman himself grew ever stronger. Finding reasons to use his metalman as a sort of workhorse, he asked not for money or fame, but merely new situations for the creation to overcome, to help tweak the design for perfection.

He has openly stated that once the design of the metalman is finished and perfected, his end goal is to become the metalman himself, and be the second of the race of transhuman beings. After which, the procedure will be given to hospitals as prosthetics for the disabled, and sold commercially, allowing those wishing to surpass the limitations of their old bodies to ‘ascend’ and join the new race, if they had the cash.

Little is known about any friends or family, most seem to think that he simply outlived them all in his greed to become essentially immortal, but his military acquaintances/customers like to consider themselves to be good friends, and his surgeons have often had a few drinks with him in the past to celebrate new milestones.

Mafidan Xíf Ryahh

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