Voice of the Wind

Arrival in Nebalich

The group awoke next morning without any bad dreams to report – it seemed like whatever they had done had worked. Heading back to the village, they received a mixed greeting.

The villagers of Redstone were celebrating their first good nights sleep in some time but seeing the people that had caused so much trouble in the last few days, spirits were dampened somewhat, especially when the guards they’d previously beaten up revealed that the Mayor had died, poisoned by the very medicine the group had brought to save the town (they’d never told them it was only an ingredient toxic by itself).

In gratitude for saving the town, the guards decided to let the group leave, but warned them they would not be welcome in Redstone again. They were escorted to a small passenger ferry already waiting to leave, upon which were two other passengers from further up the canals, Lyra and Corvo.

The trip was uneventful until the bandits, feeling better after the nightmares abated and trying their luck at revenge, decided to attack. They were swiftly dispatched, Mafidan teaming up with the mysterious gravity manipulating glaive, Corvo, and shooting him into the air like a human golf-ball so that he could take out the bandits high above. For their efforts, they recovered a gravity related cypher, the other bandits turned and ran.

Eventually the boat reached Nebalich, capital of Seshar. The markets at the canal-side docks were in full swing and the group, deciding they wanted to browse the wares and perhaps purchase supplies began counting their money. Mafidan then found a note had been secreted upon his person, bearing the mark of a brain struck by lightning and the message:

We know what you did in Redstone. We are impressed. We will be in touch

He showed the note to the others, but no-one knew who it might be from. However, when Lyra began waving it about during her examination, she attracted the attention of a stranger in the crowd, who slid a knife against her back and attempted to ingratiate himself into the group under threat, explaining the symbol was one of those of the Jagged Dream, a secretive order. Lyra revealed the existence of the knife and in a panic at the unexpected revelation, the stranger stabbed her and made to run away.

However, Lyra had on her person a magical chair she could summon out of the void and so she materialised it at his feet, sending him tumbling before he could escape. Bystanders fetched guards at the commotion and the group made to escape so they could deal with their attacker in private. They alluded the guards at first, making their way into an alley nearby with their captive and the glaive Corvo with the gravity cypher jumped himself and the attacker onto the rooftops. The guards caught up, having tracked the blood trail left by Lyra’s wound. It was explained that the attacker had escaped and Lyra, looking quite ill and possibly poisoned, was taken to the hospital by the guards, Ananth accompanying her.

Meanwhile, Corvo interrogated the captive. He resisted but when Corvo sawed off his thumb with his axe, he told Corvo he was an agent of the Dream and that if they wanted the antidote, they should let him go and fetch it. Not wanting to let him out of their sight, Corvo agreed to escort him across the rooftops to the antidotes location while the others waited in the alley.

Reaching a hidden attic space, the captive tried to explain to an agent behind a shuttered door that he needed the antidote, but seeing Corvo and not trusting the situation, the door slammed open and out shot a burst of energy, disintegrating a hole in the captive’s body and narrowly missing Corvo, who was left holding a torso by the scruff of the neck. He hurled this at the agent, and followed through with an attack, eventually winning out long enough to pin him. He then used his mind-meld cypher to try and extract as much information as possible mentally. The agent resisted, but Corvo learned of the Dream’s true nature and gained the agent’s intricate knowledge of the city layout. Eventually the agent suffered some kind of seizure and died as he tried to resist further mental probing.

Examining the room behind the door, Corvo found several cyphers and two artefacts – the staff of disintegration the agent had carried and a black, pyramid that Corvo determined to be some kind of holographic communications system. The walls were also lined with flasks of poisons and antidotes, and using his knowledge gained from the agent, Corvo knew what would save Lyra. Bundling all the cyphers, artifacts and poisons into his pack, Corvo made to leave but the cyphers were unstable and ruptured space-time, imploding and destroying his pack and almost him in the process. The roof caved in and all evidence of the room and the agents were sucked into the micro-singularity and annihilated.

Leaving empty-handed and without the antidote, Corvo headed back to the others and then onwards to the hospital. Now knowing what the poison was, he explained the fact to the physicians which had not yet been able to identify the cause of Lyra’s condition. Luckily, they had an anti-venom in stores and applied it, healing Lyra of her poisoning.

Guards again came to the scene, having heard reports of a man covered in blood roaming the streets. Corvo of course was smeared in the viscera of the disintegrated agent as well as the blood from his torture. They managed to lie that the blood was that of Margrs and they’d been collecting it/transporting it for medical purposes. They said the ferryman could back up their story (which was unlikely, given he had no reason to lie for them or trust them considering they were escorted by armed guards onto his boat in the first place). The guards, hesitantly, believed them and left to confirm the story, telling them not to leave town. The party quickly departed, finding an inn in the less reputable slums of Nebalich where the guards were less likely to follow and rested up, ready to make their plans in the morning.


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