Voice of the Wind

Mafi Recounts the Events at Redstone

We arrived at the docks of the village we were delivering the medicine to. Upon arrival, the first thing we notice is that everything there is made of stone – a stone so precisely cut it doesn’t look man-made, or natural. It’s edges are perfect, every block is identical in shape, size and colour. The entire village is made of this stuff; the homes, the protective walls, the dock, even the enormous ramp leading from the dock to the tower at the top

The stone has perfect black lines running through it, slightly glossy, slightly smoother than the deep red brick itself, and it runs flawlessly through every block, taking perfect 90° turns when it changes direction

Upon stepping off the boat, Deymish the boat driver informs us of the ex-bandits he scraped off the front of the boat. They are dead, but they left behind goodies. A cypher, and some shins. A quick count revealed 7 shins, and after some time studying, a “Sonic Detonator” cypher

Daniel was left to guard the boat, and Chris was sent to the nearest hospital and workshop to get repaired after his encounter with fire

We made our way to the tavern, which appeared to be more of a nightclub; a device in the corner emitting music at an enormous volume. I spoke briefly with the exhausted barman; everybody in the town was sick. Nightmares; of an unknown nature. Seemingly random, but very distressing and indescribable. Currently the whole town was being kept awake with a disgusting fizzy yellow drink with a metallic taste and smell, but it was clear everybody was simply exhausted from so much time awake, to avoid the nightmares

(During this time, NeeHi was sneaking round the back of the kitchen to pinch some food… an unfortunate roll meant her “sneak” turned in to more of an enormous fumble as she slid across the kitchen floor on some grease and crashed in to a wall of pots, sending everything flying…)

Upon re-gathering a clumsy NeeHi, who was not punished because everybody was too tired to do so, we went up the hill to the tower (clearly made an entirely different architecture and material) to seek the Aeon Priests, who were the ones requesting the medicine

A single spearwoman guarded the gate, and refused to let us in. After a failed attempt to convince her I was a priest, NeeHi kicked the spear she was leaning on from underneath her and a fight ensued; Riari wrapped a rope around her neck to keep her steady, and I attempted to knock her out with a swift blow to the helmet. The whole thing just pissed her off and she stabbed Riari in the leg with a spear, who then dropped her after NeeHi tackled her legs… when she hit the floor, I attempted to pin her down and make her pass out from airloss, only to find myself pinned with a knife to my neck…

Swift thinking from NeeHi, and she used her “sleep glove” cypher; touched the guard and she fell asleep. We tied her, left her spear and dagger embedded in the wall beside her, and after locating a key on her person, entered the gates of the Aeon Priest’s clave tower.

All was not well. Moments in to walking through the vibrant, colourful garden littered heavily with plants of varying nature (some obviously carnivorous plants snapping at us as we passed), NeeHi found herself stung by a plant, writhing in pain. Without a care, I continued on and knocked on the door. A large hum sounded, and moments later we were struck by a brilliant flash of light emanating from the grass, and found ourselves waking up from a brief moment of unconsciousness

Thinking wiser of this, we were clearly unwelcome and made for a hasty escape. NeeHi and myself were both stung by plants on the way to the gate, and woke up the sleeping guard with our howls of pain, who immediately started calling for help

Very shortly following the cries, villagers began gathering to see what was up, including a VERY large man revealed to be the Mayor of Redstone. After claiming the whole thing was an enormous mistake and an even larger misunderstanding, we managed to diplomatically convince the townsfolk that we were, in fact, here to help following a fairly lengthy discussion, and would not harm them – we merely sought to speak to the priests and deliver the medicine. The townsfolk agreed to let us investigate the tower for the seemingly absent priests if we gave them one more day of “quiet study”… so we found a room at the inn, and went to sleep. We suffered the same nightmares. Everybody (except me) lost a night’s worth of sleep, and Daniel saw something that nobody else did, something he recognised in the dream.


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