Voice of the Wind

Subways, Statues and Delicious Beetle Paste

The group all get back together and having filled each other in on the details they’ve missed head off with the help of Lily to the ‘conveyance’ Devola spoke of. They enter into a large chamber barely light enough to see and inside see a series of floating metal boxes on some kind of long track, held in place by enormous clamps attached to the ceiling. After using ropes to lower themselves on to the lower platform of the chamber, they investigate, finding the doors to the boxes too difficult to open, though they find that the tops have hatches much more easy to access. Lyra explores further up using grappling hooks and discovers a switch on the ceiling attached to one of the clamps. However, the walkways are corroded or possibly eaten by something, and unstable. As she steps onto the walkways, she disturbs a flock of bats which almost send her falling to her doom, but she steadies herself and manages to flip the switch, disengaging one of the clamps.

Returning to the others, they explore below the track to find another switch and a bunch of detritus. Moving the detritus to get to the switch, they discover a hatch. Ananth, looking ahead, thinks they should leave this switch in the ‘clamp activated’ position so they can flip it later in case conveyance moves away immediately once unclamped completely.

The next descend into the hatch to find it full of metallic spider web, the switch densely surrounded by the razor sharp threads on the opposite side of the small room, a glass panel with unknown writing etched on it on the wall near the hatch. They are attacked by steel spiders and after some mishaps, Mafidan manages to put an oddity of his to use and repeatedly makes everything in the room, namely the spiders and Lyra relive the same two minutes over and over. Defenseless, the spiders are swiftly dispatched. Unfortunately, due to some uses of the push esotery in the fight earlier, the switch has been sliced through by razor threads, but despite the difficulty they manage to flip the switch and disengage the clamp.

Using rope attached to the final switch, the crew get situated in the metal boxes and pull, activating the final clamp-release mechanism and the conveyance speeds off into the darkness. Some hours pass before they begin to hear thuds on the roof of the boxes and soon they are faced with strange, gelatinous beings that force their way into the boxes and approach the group. Not reacting to any spoken word, the group attack to defend themselves and slice the things to pieces, but not before Mafidan gets coated in slime and Ananth finds himself breathing in a horrible green vapor released from the beasts. The attacks continue but through clever uses of push, they manage to keep the convenyance unmolested and they eventually reach another large chamber, though this is in far worse a state of repair.

Wanting to clamp the conveyance in place so they can use it on a return journey, they search for switches but can not find them due to the damage the chamber has sustained. However, the find the hatch in the same place and descend to check it out. Inside is a strange, large insect which in broken Truth identifies itself as Feld and recognises them as ‘lightdwellers’. It is raising beetles as livestock in cages in the room and through some awkward negotation, Riari manages to get access to the switch covered up in the corner and clamps the conveyance in place.

Thanking the Feld and taking some delicious beetles that were offered to them, they leave via a huge hole where the roof collapsed in, finding themselves in the open wilderness on the surface. Heading south, based on the sun’s position in the sky, after a day they come across a strange lake filled with a noxious, oily fluid that appears quite corrosive. More disturbing however is the screaming, 80ft statues of humanoid twisted and contorted into impossible positions that stand out in the lake itself. The group elects to walk around the lake and avoid it, but Lyra decides she will use a boat found on the shoreline to explore and take the faster, direct route.

Lyra struggles rowing the boat accurately and brushes up against a statue on the way over and notices the statues have strange tubes reaching down into the lake below. She makes it across the lake and comes across a travelling tattoo artist heading to Charmonde to make himself a new home and business there. She exchanges some magnetic tattoo ink for a tattoo allowing her to sense transdimensional energy when touched, but scares the artist away when she sees the rest of the group approaching.

The group then continue onwards and eventually travel into a ravine on the way to the field of towers where their target lies. In the ravine, the spot 3 figure hiding behind an outcropping as if they are trying to avoid being spotted by something further ahead. When they see the group, they beckon them over.


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