Voice of the Wind

The Path to Redstone

Reports from Redstone in the last week have been talking of a strange illness and the Aeon Priests there have requested medicine to help them combat the affliction.

The story begins as our group, hired by Deymish as deckhands and guards, travel down the deep, narrow canals of Seshar with a shipment of medicine for Redstone. At first, the journey is uneventful but as the end of their second day of travel draws near, they are set upon by bandits, who claiming to be sick, demand that they surrender the medicine to them if they wish to live.

Diplomacy is barely an option before a fight breaks out, and even though the bandits have the height advantage shooting down from the high walls of the canal with their arrows, the group wins out, felling many of the bandits.

In a moment of fevered desperation, the bandits hurl a flaming bottle at the boat, screaming that if they can’t have the medicine, they’d rather see them all burn with it. A quick reaction from NeeHi tries to shatter to bottle before any harm can befall them, but in a turn of bad luck, the flames ignite the scattered fuel in the shattered bottle, raining fire down upon the group and the shipment they are protecting.

With sudden hope that they may yet succeed, the bandits attack again and the group as they fight to put out the flames on themselves and their cargo, but they make no progress and eventually, after some negotiation from Mafi, they agree to stop their attacks and protect the boat from other bandits in exchange for a single bottle of medicine. Deymish agrees to the terms and the boat continues it’s journey unmolested to Redstone as the group nurse their wounds, or in one Nano’s case, squeezes the water out of their clothes after they jumped into the river for safety from the fire.


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