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Voice of the Wind

Voice of the Wind is a twice weekly Numenera campaign run by darkliquid

Our intrepid group of adventurers begin their journeys, brought together by a need for coin and a shared need to journey out of the Steadfast, each for their own ends.

However, a storm is coming. What mysteries will our group uncover? What questions will the seek answers to? What answers will they hear, and more, from the Voice of the Wind?

This campaign also serves as a test bed for a few ideas I and others have come up with for new creatures, locations, rules and abilities in Numenera. My Numenera articles, from which much of that content will be drawn, can be found on my blog

Unless otherwise mentioned, content posted for this game is under the creative commons CC-BY licence. All trademarks and third-party content are copyright/trademarks of their respective owners.

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